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Introduction of Zhanjiang Library

Published on : 2022-01-06

Zhanjiang Library, originally known as Zhanjiang Local Area Library was found in 1960 and have gotten its current name in 1983. Invested by Zhanjiang Municipal Government, the new library building was open to the public in 1996. Located in the city center, it covers an area of 25.1 mu (about 16,733 square meters), while the total built-up area reaches 21,000 square meters. With nine-story main building and five-story wing building, the library has been set 16 reading room containing 1200 seats for the readers and a collection of 1.2 million books in capacity. Mr. Guan Shanyue, a famous painters and calligraphers in China, inscribed for the library. It is a good choice for the local’s leisure life. 

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